Stassy Dodge and Models of the Sea Glass Studio

Designer Clothes for American Girl, Kidz'n'Cats, Cabbage Patch Kids

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About Plangonologist

plangonologist [noun] – a collector of dolls 




Hi! I am an avid doll lover with a collection of nearly 100 different dolls.  I am also a knitted, crochet and sewn apparel designer with a passion for dressing my plastic Kiddos.

I’m sure that photography and some of my personal life will be working its way into this blog from time to time, but the main purpose of it for now is for me to be able to talk about my dolls and clothes I’m making at the moment.

Here’s a link to my Flickr, this set shows some of the outfits that were made for American Girl and Cabbage Patch Kids by me –

I also have Etsy store opened – 

Designer Clothes by Stassy Dodge on Etsy


18 Responses to “About Plangonologist”

  1. Nancy Horn said

    I love the pink and brown outfit, and also your slouchy hats. What is the cost for the outfit, and what is the cost for the hats?

  2. Bec said

    I really love your outfits, do you ship to the UK?

  3. Victoria Hassink said

    I have just found your blog and I love your clothes, they are so beautifully done! I also make doll clothes but just for my daughter at the moment.
    I was wondering where do you get your amazing shoes???? The green boots with the buckles are fabulous! It seems so hard to find real fashion shoes and boots for dolls. I would love to know your source.
    Your designs are inspirational.

  4. Vicki said

    Any chance you would share the pattern to the slouch hat?

  5. Mel said

    Can we just send you an order for the hats? And how much is shipping?

  6. Mel said

    Can I still get the little booties that you made from November 2010? I love them, how much would they be?

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