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Creative process

Posted by plangonologist on March 30, 2012

I am repeatedly asked where I get inspiration for my designs, so I decided to write a post about the creative process behind my outfits.

 First of all I watch for trends everywhere. There are various social factors that shape fashion trends. In the most general terms, it is possible to describe it as a way of life of people and their current needs. Life creates trends – places we go, where we work, people we communicate with, how we have fun, movies we see, books we read. It is only necessary to feel what’s important to people at the moment and translate these things to fashion. There are several approaches to forecasting fashion. The formal approach is based on an understanding fashion cycles. Monitoring changes in fashion over the years brought together a vast statistical material and to identify major and minor periods of return of certain silhouettes, colours and forms. This allows forming a base for the future of fashion. Another approach is observing the society. The freshest trends are not born in the workshops, so it’s useful to observe public and read popular blogs, to study lifestyles and attitudes of target audiences. So fashion is a social phenomenon. It does not pop out of nowhere, and designers do not invent it. I, as a fashion designer try to present silhouettes, colours and materials which correspond with current expectations of the public.


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Little pink cardigan

Posted by plangonologist on March 27, 2012

Marietta models little pink cardigan with arm-warmers:


More pictures HERE

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